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Established in 2019, Wealth World is a trusted wealth management advisory solutions provider based in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur. We cater to individuals, families, and institutions, putting our clients’ needs at the forefront of our business to protect and grow their wealth, and meet their financial goals.

At Wealth World we provide a modernized approach to meet the market’s demand by offering  flexible investment advisory solutions and world-class customer relationship management.

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Our comprehensive network and expertise enable us to assist our clients with banking solutions.
Wealth World’s services are recognized as among the leading in the industry. From managing portfolios to generating avant-garde investment insights, we work within a resilient asset allocation framework.
Wealth World offers you unrestricted, expert mortgage and protection advice. We undertake to explore and identify the most competitive deals for you and secure the best mortgage products in the U.A.E.
Wealth World’s M&A advisory services are available across a wide range of industry sectors to serve you seamlessly. Our expertise enables us to offer advice on acquisitions, dispositions, private equity transactions, and more.
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It's all about your future

Our personalized and tailored services entailed to fit our clientele’s need and lifestyle has generated success over the years as a leader in the industry globally.

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All your financial solutions in one place

With a strong legacy and credible lineage of banking and wealth management advisory services, we strive to bring you successful long-term results.

Wealth World boasts a team of qualified financial advisors equipped to handle your financial needs.

Positioned as a leader in the corporate market, we are one of the top wealth management firms. Our goal is to offer financial products that assure sustainable financial growth.

Our customized and disciplined approach towards risk management of products and services is specifically designed to serve our global audience. 

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